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Deutsche Schreckschusspistolen in England


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Ohne überhaupt die Regeln nachzusehen: In dem Land kriegt Du schonmal Besuch von der Polizei für die öffentlich geäußerte Ansicht, dass jemand, der ein X- und Y-Chromosom hat, mit einem Penis und zwei Hoden geboren ist und Bartwuchs hat, für Dich ein Mann sei. Die Antwort auf Deine Frage kann man sich damit wohl denken, wie auch @trecker ja schon gemutmaßt hat.

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Blank Firing Guns
Be sensible when using and transporting blank firing guns, it is not illegal to own a blank gun over 18 yrs old but they should not be carried in public and only used on private land/property with the landowners permission. Respect should be given at all times as the discharging burning powder can cause serious injury.
Blank firers and ammo are legal to own without a license in the UK. However UK-legal blank firers are different to those sold on the continent and USA.
Along with complying with the VCR Act 2006 you have to comply with the Firearms act 1968. For a UK blank gun to be compliant it must discharge the blank cartridge gas out of the top of the gun and have a solid blocked barrel.
European /USA models discharge the blank cartridge gas from the barrel and sometimes have a flare attachment. These are a section 1 firearms item in the UK as they are classed as a Readily Convertible Imitations (see below).
An imitation weapon will be treated as a firearm to which section 1 of the Firearms Act 1968 applies if:
It has the appearance of such a weapon; and can be readily convertible into a weapon from which a shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged (ss1(1) an 1(2) Firearms Act 1968).
Readily convertible” means “it can be so converted without any special skill on the part of the person converting it and the work involved in converting it does not require equipment or tools other than such as are in common use by persons carrying out works of construction and maintenance in their own homes.” (Section 1(6) Firearms Act 1982).
As these discharge from the barrel they are easily converted to fire a missile and many come with a screw in flare attachment to launch flares which is classed as a missile. Beware: Buying this type of blank gun without a firearms license can get you in serious trouble. At best it could cost you a lot of money in solicitor’s fees to fight your case in court.
18 Years or Older
You Can:
Buy, own, import or have gifted a blank firing ‘IF’ and ammunition.
Continue to possess a blank firing ‘RIF’ bought prior to the VCR Act 2006, even if you are not covered by a defence in Appendix A.
Buy or sell a blank firing ‘RIF’ if it is altered to become a simple ‘IF’ that conforms to the guidelines in the VCR Act 2006
Sell a blank firing ‘RIF’ if the purchaser benefits from one of the defences provided in the VCR ACT 2006 legislation( see appendix A). The responsibility lies with the seller to establish the right of the purchaser to buy.
You Cannot:
Buy a blank firing ‘RIF’ unless the purchaser benefits from one of the defences provided in the VCR ACT 2006 legislation( see appendix A).
Modify a blank firing ‘IF’ to become a ‘RIF’ unless the purchaser benefits from one of the defences provided in the VCR ACT 2006 legislation (see appendix A).
Import a blank firing ‘RIF’ (e.g mail order from abroad) if it vents blank gasses from end of barrel unless you have the appropriate FAC.
Import a top venting blank firing ‘RIF’ (e.g mail order from abroad) if you do not benefit from one of the defences provided in the VCR ACT 2006 legislation( see appendix A).
Have a blank firing ‘IF’ or ‘RIF’ in a public place without a ‘reasonable excuse’.
Under 18 Years Old
You Cannot:
Purchase a blank firing ‘RIF’ or ‘IF’ or
Sell to a person under 18 yrs old
Both of the above are offences.

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