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Chris Kyle is dead!

Balu der Bär

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They help Routh and he killed both and drives away with Kyle's Truck? Really thankfull guy if it's true

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hab vor einigen wochen erst sein buch gelesen.

kann zwar nicht unbedingt sagen, das ich ihn super sympathisch gefunden habe (so wie das buch so ge- und beschrieben war), aber amüsant waren einige dinge dennoch (wie er dem senator und arnie-kumpel-predator schauspieler jessie ventura was auf fresse gehauen hat :-)

jedenfalls ein echt trauriges ende für einen mann, der so oft "in harm´s way" gestanden hat !

RIP und viel kraft für seine frau und 2 kids


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Oh man, my last remark was a dance through all times.

Anyway, did Routh say anything about killing the guys who tried to help him?

Maybe he wants to be fried on the electric chair???

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Sounds too nice for me to describe this tinhorns

Ok, i googled a little bit, but it's still too nice. They are definitly around the bend

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Does anybody know the type of gun used by the murderer?

You can´t expect any other reaction from medias like SPON and most of their readers.

You can call them moonbats, tinhorns and so on - just keep it simple and call them assholes!

My thoughts are with his wife and his kids.

RIP, man.


There´s a video on Youtube from Red Jacket Firearms where he had ordered a modified HK 416 for his Foundation.

Look for: Sons of guns the gun that killed bin Laden

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