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Only Cops should have Guns


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But states trust the guys in uniform a little bit more - that's why the highest probability of dying an "unnatural death" was in the 20th century to be killed by your own government (Whole Europe)... Cops on the range make surveillance of the responsible person even tighter on this special guest (We never shoot more then 12 meters... So small targets).

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The badge gives them jedi-like powers so that only LEO can handle guns.Here you can see a perfect example for sufficient training and safe gun handling. http://www.youtube.c...c.1.onQIHS-wemc

The classic Rasta DEA video. "Ah'm the only one in this room - so fah as Ah know - proFESH'nul enuf t'handle the Fotay GLOCK!"

As for THIS cop - she manifests the failure of ALL murder - suicides: She got the shooting order backwards.

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