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Where are the missing bullet holes.

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The analogy to warplanes is stunning. In hospitals you won't find victims with headshots (cockpit) or breastshots (engines), only shotwounds in limbs. Simply because the former will land in the pathology very soon.

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Ja, die Amis mit ihren Superstatistiken und einfachen Denkfehlern. 😀

Wird wohl heißen, dass Jägerangriffe von vorne sehr erfolgreich waren. Auf die schräge Nachtmusik sind sie sowieso lange nicht draufgekommen.

Statistikmaterial und Feldakten mit Rohdaten zur Absturzforschung der US-Airforce findet man übrigens in Hülle und Fülle. Habe mal den Absturz eines speziellen B-24 recherchiert, deren ein Bodenfund-Propellerblatt in meinem Keller herumsteht. Binnen Sekunden tauchte das an Quellen auf anhand derer man sich noch viel weiterhangeln kann. Es gibt da in den USA sehr aktive Veteranenverbände und Amateurforscher. 







Das einzige, was bisher nicht herauszufinden war ist, wer ihn heruntergeholt hat. Das JG3 Udet soll aber als eine Einheit drangewesen sein. 



Irgendwo in den Links


A. Fighters: About fifteen to twenty minutes from the target and in normal formation a number estimated at 50 ME-109's, 25 ME-110's, 15 FW-190's and JU-88's jumped this group which was leading the third attack wave. The attack started and was continuous until five minutes after target had been passed. There was haze and the attack was in the nature of a surprise, seemingly coming initially from all sides. It was very aggressive all the way. The brunt of the attack coming from 12, 5, 6 and 8 o'clock. Head on joining was a little high at 12 o'clock while the others were a little low. Enemy tactics were to feint a close by two squadrons, one slightly higher than the other in flight. The lower to close to 800 yards at 2 o'clock low and without firing a shot, slid completely around our formation. Only one squadron seemed to be painted the blue and silver and they seemed to do most of the attacking which would tend to show a maximum of experience. The JU-88's attacked in pairs closing to never more than 600 yards, usually from 5 and 6 o'clock low then breaking off in a dive. All attacks were so coordinated as to follow in rapid succession and four of our bombers were destroyed with three missing.






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