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Fox News: Vast majority of guns bought from black market

Olt d.R.

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7 percent obtained it off the street or on the black market.

More than 25 percent had received it from a family member or friend.


Also ist die Überschrift nur auf die _gekauften_ bezogen?

Lassen universal background checks die 25 % verschwinden?

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Seems that the numbers have been misquoted in a previous version of the article.

6 %:  Stolen

7 %:  Found at Crime Scene

43%: Black Market

25%: Gift


so that's 81%. From a Gun show only 0,8%, From a Store: 1,3%


The legislation aimed at preventing criminals from gaining access to fiearms seems to work as it is currently applied. If you "close" the "gun show loophole(TM)" you only affect a really minor source of illegal guns. The problem seems to be the straw purchase by family members and friends and a flourishing black market.

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