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How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps

Balu der Bär

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Step 0.1: Demonize gun owners. Use dysphemisms. Argue emotionally, not reasonably.

Step 0.2: Selective reporting: Report every instance in which a legal weapon is misused. Be silent about stronger reasons for early death.

Step 0.3: Apply salami tactics. First illegalize semi-auto rifles, then semi-auto pistols and so on.

Result: No legal weapon is left. So all the good guys are defenseless.
BUT: You will never achieve a gun-free country. The criminals and the government will always have guns. So you will only achieve slavery.

I suppose it does no harm to make this dirty tricks public. The want-to-be tyrants and their think tanks already know them. But many normal persons don't.

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