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City of Chicago took another slap in the face


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We proudly present the next blow:

SAF Files for Preliminary Injunction Against Illinois Carry Ban


Commentary: "It also appears that [Rahm*] Emmanuel isn't (quite) as arrogant as Dailey,

moving quickly to develop a plan to allow for ranges in city limits in industrial zones.

Dailey would have spent more tax dollars appealing the decision."

* Rahm Emmanuel, former advisor to Pres. Obama, is the newly elected Mayor of Chicago.

Keep them coming!

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As far away from our European situation as these things may appear, I always feel it's heartening to see how confidently citizens' gun rights are asserted over on the other side of the pond nowadays.

Of course, the gun rights movement in the United States has a better starting position thanks to the framers and the 2nd amendment. However, these differences notwithstanding, it is still obvious that many arguments used by gun rights activists in the States apply in Europe as well. Specifically when it comes to crime deterrence and the interpretation of the state's monopoly of legitimate force, Europe's gun rights advocates might be well advised to learn from successes in the US.

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The purpose of the Second Amendment is to acknowledge that the source of all political power comes from the individual and, to protect the individual, the right of the individual to protect life, family and property must be preserved.

The inability of the citizen to protect him/herself means that all else is equally in peril. Europe, with its history of inherent inequality as one legacy of feudalism, has trouble acknowledging individual rights.

No-longer-Great Britain had declined; indeed, degraded, from a recently-powerful empire and the SOURCE of America's Second Amendment into a socialist failure now racked by riots. It is Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" come to life.

This follows a long assault on individual rights and liberties (notably the PROSECUTION of a farmer defending his home from yet another band of thugs intent on robbing him, followed by the state allowing the thugs to SUE the farmer) suggests that the anthill mentality that is socialism is a predictable consequence of a people who cease to value the individual and, increasingly, look to a nanny-state instead of themselves.

As Europe does not have quite the history of recognition of the individual and much of what there was of that mindset (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, etc.) seems be be in recession as socialism spreads, the role and status of the armed citizen seems to be in greater peril.

That said, I wish my fellow firearms rights advocates all the best, wheresoever they are located.

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