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"Semiauto Ban" in Neuseeland


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On March 15, 2019, anyone with a gun license could obtain a military-style, semi-automatic weapon. That meant Tarrant had been able to obtain the guns used in the attack legally -- although Ardern said the weapons had been modified to hold more bullets.


Within 26 days of the attack, Parliament passed a law banning military-style semi-automatic weapons and introducing a buy-back scheme for weapons that fell afoul of the new rules. Within six months of launching the scheme, they collected about 56,000 guns.
The gun changes were symbolically and practically important, Spoonley said. New Zealand only passed a law introducing a gun register in June, so it is difficult to know whether all of the semi-automatic weapons have been collected. But the new rules make it much more difficult for potential extremists to obtain semi-automatic guns -- they would need to acquire it illegally, Burton says.


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