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Britain wants its guns back


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psht... i voted too. Gotta help our Limey Brethren :diablo:

Kudos to them for writing about the poll at all, i would´ve thought they´d simply forget about it and move on. Good to see them rattle the cage and not simply forget about this, rather unpleasant, topic as many other media outlets would´ve undboubtedly done if confrontet with the same decision.

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Well, it's not like they just have to ask their lawmakers to repeal it and arms themselves, right?

Or wait.... was the disarmament for the good of the population and they should trust their betters to know that guns are bad?

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This is the poll:


I don't read the Daily Telegraph very often. But a few weeks ago, I've already got the impression that it's not so bad compared to the "Spiegel", for example.

Alexa Page Ranks:

www.telegraph.co.uk: 313

www.spiegel.de: 332

So the Telegraph is already in front of Spiegel. I will read it more often in the future, could be useful. At least I suppose it's less disinformative for the people than the Spiegel (and Focus and Bild are even worse, of course).

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Huch, jetzt dachte ich doch nen kurzen Moment, ich wär im falschen Forum(s-teil)

But it's good for the British to see we feel with them

Better would be, the politicians read it too and act along (nice dream, I know)

Mal sehen, ob unsere Medien das aufgreifen - und vor allem WIE. Bei den Engländern kann man wohl kaum sagen "ach diese Cowboys"

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