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Feinstein's latest push for an Assault Weapon Ban


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for me its clear that she is trying the same blitz tactic :aug: as Gov. Coumo did in NY to push his

anti- gun bill through the state legislation in only 3 days. :bad_15:

Looks like some gun grabbing Dems. are getting heebie jeebies :help: after gun right groups have recently started

their nationwide movement to strike back Obamas gun hating agenda.

I'm really interested to see how the majority in the US-Senate will react to her proposal.

Here an interessting and quite profound article in the Albany Herald:


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Now things are getting in motion:

A Senate panel has approved Feinstein's crap 10:8 along party lines and it seems to head to the Senate floor.


A Senate committee approved an assault weapons ban Thursday on a party-line vote that signaled how difficult it will be for the proposal to survive in the full Senate.

The Democratic-led Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill on a 10-8 vote after rejecting a series of Republican amendments aimed at exempting victims of sexual abuse, people living along the Southwest border and others from the prohibition. The GOP proposals were also defeated along party lines.

Thursday's debate included a fiery clash between Feinstein, D-Calif., the ban's author, and outspoken freshman conservative Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Cruz said Feinstein's bill would create exceptions to the Second Amendment and asked her if she would favor exemptions to the First Amendment's freedom of speech by denying that right to certain books.

"I'm not a sixth-grader," said a visibly upset Feinstein. She described her decades in Congress involved in gun control debates and said, "I'm reasonably well-educated, and thank you for the lecture."

Ted Cruz seems to be a rising star within the ranks of the GOP. It's really refreshing to hear him tearing apart the gun grabbers' drivel.

I hope, that Feinstein will drown in tears once the Senate doesn't vote for her bill; too many D-s fearing about not being re-elected

in the mid-terms next year.

2nd ETA: Sen. Cruz' opening remarks. Must watch!

ETA: Video of Cruz' exchange with Feinstein. Hilarious!

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Hasta La Vista (Federal) Assault Weapons Ban

After a meeting yesterday with Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Dianne Feinstein learned that her controversial assault weapons ban mess will not be part of the gun control bill package heading to the senate floor next month.



Unfortunately, the bills introduced or enacted in several States are still on the table and will generate

a livelihood for lawyers for years to come.

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The Washington Times' take of it


Sen. Dianne Feinstein emerged from a closed-door meeting with Majority Leader Harry Reid on Monday — but her ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines didn’t.

Mr. Reid is also likely looking at the 2014 elections, when several Democratic Senate seats are open for contest in conservative states, analysts say.

Reid won his seat in Nevada only by a narrow margin and may have realized, that the D's may well lose it

in the midterm elections.

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Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this recent development. :beee:

On the one hand, its good to see these two federal bans off the table :good: .

On the other hand, many hidden anti gunners will now have enough time, to fool the public

with phony pro gun behavior :teu35: until its time for their next flip-flopping gun ban approach. :diablo:

Bottom line: The more liberal pro gun voters can easyly forget, what D-Reps. like Mir Reid would have done,

if they could. So they likely re-elected them, instead of choosing a more honest pro gunner

(which doesn't automatically have to be GOP-Member, to be fair).

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