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U.S. M1 Karabiner

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Greetings to Österreich!

I am researching the U.S. M1 carbine that was used by Austria's Bundesheer, Gendarmerie, Bundespolizei, and Zoll. Also by the agencies in Germany.


I have learned much about the M1 carbine in Austria, but there is much I do not know. I have a wesbite devoted to this topic at www.BavarianM1Carbines.com

I am seeking more information and some of the items used for the M1 carbine by Austria. The leather rifle sling and magazine pouches by Stolla, if any other companies made them, the KM1 manual used by the Gendarmerie, the rubber rear sight protectors used by Zoll, photographs of the polizei, gendarme, and soldiers with the M1 carbines, and more.

I own one of the M1 carbine's used by the Gendarmerie in NiederÖsterreich, with the markings LGKNÖ on the trigger housing. I have a photographs of M1 carbines used by Austria that are now owned by people in America at www.BavarianM1Carbines.com/armory.html

Any help anyone can provide would be very much appreciated. I am interested most in history and preserving it, including the M1 carbines in the condition they were used by Austria.


Jim Mock


Southern California, USA

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the problem in austria is, that the M1 carbine isn´t legal for most, because it´s a selfloading military gun. there are some with a special license for an M1, but not much. in austria there are only selfloading guns allowed, that were built for the civil market.

thats the bad side of our gun low. the good side is, that all other longguns are free for all. there is only a license for pistols and selfloading guns necessary.

but there are some guys knowing much about the history of the M1 in the austrian army after the second worldwar.

mfg stefan

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seems to be a close combat between austria and germany :grin::o

M1 Carabine Guy

i´ll ask some members of my club in upper styria

there some experts in historic rifles in austria since 18..

maybe they know some special things about a M1

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It has been awhile since my first post. I have learned more, and keep adding to my website. I know the M1 carbine and have access to most everything U.S.A. about it. I am still working on West Germany during and after the American Occupation period.

If you have an interest in the M1 carbine in Bavaria, pick up a copy of the December 2007 issue of DWJ magazine....



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