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The Truth About The San Bernardino Shooting and Terrorist Attack

Balu der Bär

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The US government is pretty reluctant calling it a terrorist attack for several reasons.

Mainly because of the consequences something like this usually has. The last thing the administration wants to be forced to do is to send the ground troops to Syria or Iraq again.

This is why they try so very hard to make it look like work place violence, even though there is damning evidence of an islamic background in this terrorist attack.

Another point is that the entire surveillance apparatus failed spectaculary once again. They knew the guy, he was on their lists, they knew were he went, they knew who he contacted, what websites he visited, what mosque he was praying at and yet did not do anything. This questions the entire surveillance state. Why put hundreds of millions of people under suspicion and be unable to stop an attack?

Also the entire gun control debate just collapsed. The rifles used in the terrorist attack were all illegal in California, the laws did not protect anyone and again it was a gun free zone that was hit.

Lastly there is the issue with political correctness. People found the behavior of the terrorist extremely suspicious, for example he received packages late at night. Yet no one was willing to speak to the authorities out of fear of being called a racist.

This makes so many policies of the government look bad, that I am sure they will try everything in their power to keep it as low profile as possible.

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