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Commonwealth 2nd Amendment challenges Police Chiefs


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Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) is a grassroots civil rights organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our activities include educational programs designed to promote a better understanding of Massachusetts and Federal firearms laws and rights as well as programs to defend and protect the civil rights of Massachusetts gun owners.

I'm a bit familiar with Comm2A since the org has been created and admire them for the achievements they had in the

relatively short time they exist. Legal gun owners in Massachusetts face an extremely gun-unfriendly political environ-

ment (read: lefty moonbats en masse) along with a lot of capricious CoP's who need to be reminded by the Courts of

what the laws are they have sworn to uphold.

Go get them, boys!

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Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A) was created by those who realized that GOAL's route, legislation, was usually unproductive and becoming moreso. It chose the OTHER path; that used so successfully by the Second Amendment Foundation: Litigation. Indeed, it has received assistance from SAF.

And it has already achieved some success. See Commonwealth V. Haas.

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