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Razzia bei H&K


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eben entdeckt:

In January the German government banned H&K from exporting any firearms to Mexico after it was alleged that they exported guns to the state police of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Guerrero and Jalisco, all of which are considered criminal organizations by the German government. H&K claimed they only exported firearms to the Mexican Defense Ministry's central firearm purchaser in Mexico City. Yesterday police raided the H&K headquarters as well as several private homes looking to evidence that H&K bribed Mexican officials. The local reports ...

State police officers conducted the Thursday raid at the company’s Oberndorf corporate headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, searching the building and several nearby private homes for information about bribes the company is alleged to have paid to Mexican officials.

Those bribes are said to have resulted in weapons contracts with authorities in Mexico.


This summer it emerged that rebels in Libya were using Heckler & Koch weapons, although the company denied selling weapons to anyone in the country. German prosecutors have since launched an investigation.

Quelle: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2011/11...-german-police/

Gibts da noch andere News/Artikel dazu? bzw. weiß jemand evtl. mehr?

Edit: ich sollte lieber gleich googlen. gibt eh Berichte bei SPON, Süddeutsche &Co.

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Man könnte allerdings auch dort weiter lesen:


ohne genehmigung des BKA LKA?

Und das ist ein exzellentes Beispiel dafür, warum der Video-Beitrag Müll hoch zehn ist.

Denn das BKA (geschweige denn irgendein LKA) ist für Kriegswaffenbelange überhaupt nicht zuständig. Das wären nämlich BMWi und BAFA.

Die Reporter haben schlichtweg keine Ahnung, won was sie da brabbeln.

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