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Surlus ammo


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Hello gunmen in Germany !

I am writing from Finland and first I must ask you to forgive me that I cannot write germany.

I have one question for you:

How much you pay for mitary surplus ammo?

In finland prizes are sky high, but I believe that in there they are alot cheaper.

Thanks to EU I think that it is easy to order from there.

Can you tell where start to ask ??

Need need to find a dealer with experience from exporting inside EU.

We are now talkin about calibers .223 NATO .308 NATO, 9 mm PARA and 7.62 RUSSIAN

Thanks advance


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What Calibres are You in search of ?

For my opinion, there is a good opportunity with Albert Vincent, Stadtbremius, Luxembourg

For the .308 FNM Match I never paid more then 0.15 € / each ( Berdan )

Expert Ammo.

If You`re in search for special prices or other calibres and delivery costs, well, ask him.


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Thank you all for those information.

Doc, can you give some contact information about this Albert Vincent, Stadtbremius, in Luxembourg


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