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Welcome to the International IPSC Forum!


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Dear Fellow IPSC shooters,

I am happy to be involved this new forum. the WO-de has certainly become one of the more active shooting forums in Europe, and I have been asked to manage this forum for English speaking IPSC shooters. On this forum, which will be in English (well, you can write in German, but I will reply in English and it will take me longer to do so) we will talk IPSC. Any questions you may want to ask, any advice I can offer, and topic shooting related is welcome. Lets see how it goes, and which way it develops.

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The first International IPSC Forum ! Fantastic idea icon14.gif

Let's hope that lots of IPSC-friends will use it, not only those who's mother language is english but also those from other countries. Where else you can have both: improve your english and get hints from one of the worlds best shooters chrisgrinst.gif

Good luck and all the best,

DVC, Wolle

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Hi Saul,

What a surprise, when I just checked, that you are active here in this forum.

Greetings, and have a good time here

PS: Remember the two days at the European Steel Challenge? We were standing next to each other for two "hot" days wink.gif

Just a pity that you shot so early in the morning.. Several more shooters would have definitively loved to see you in action.

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Sure I remember our time standing in the sun together in Austria... We were not too buys doing sales frown.gif, as I recall (well, at least I was not) so we had lots of time to talk... It was a fun match though - I would love to shoot it again. icon14.gif

Nice to be here - thanks for the welcome. Actually - your impulse barrels came up during a course I was giving this past weekend in Hanover - we were talking about making a comp for an open USP HK... apparently HK has not been successful doing it. Perhaps an impulse models is the way to go?!

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In Antwort auf:

Ooops - and I thaught, this is a forum specially for
IPSC - Shooters .....

so..so... an insider? chrisgrinst.gif

the reality is... a shoemaker never owns a good pair of shoes, a tailor never owns the newest suit, a gunmaker never owns a race gun that works.. chrisgrinst.gifchrisgrinst.gif

what do all those professionals have in common?.. they got no time to care for themselves but they give the best of their skill to others chrisgrinst.gif

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Hi Saul,

I can almost see the bright smile in your face.. well, were two days with a lot of PROGRIP.

By the way to the others here... it works!!

with regard to HK.. we have had many proposals already to do something for HK pistols. A comp with a weight of 80 up to 140 gr will definitively do a good work.

PS: Also regards from Viktor, who just passed by as I was typing above lines.

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