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Noch ein paar Trainingstipps gefällig?

Mike Brauer

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Ist das was für unsere Alpenländler?

Auszug aus einer Mailantwort von Matt Burkett:

Link your forums to my tips. That would be great. BTW I am going to be in Austria and Europe in June. Think anyone would be interested in some training while I am over there? It looks like it will be June 9th through the 24th, maybe longer.

My girlfriend is Austrian and we are going to visit her family. :-)

Take care and keep in touch,

Matt Burkett

Hot Shots

7040 East Wilshire Drive

Scottsdale Arizona 85257


602-790-8838 cell

480-947-2773 fax http://www.mattburkett.com/



Lebenslänglich FWR#1911, in diesem Jahr geworbene Neumitglieder: 4, jetzt Du!

Together we stand, divided we fall

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