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Britische Teenager liefern sich Messer-Wettrüsten


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"Aufrüstungs"-Meldungen sehe ich zunehmend kritisch, seitdem ich "Plusminus" erleben durfte.

Behauptet zumindest die "Kommission" des dortigen IA unter Keith Vaz.

http://www.keithvazmp.com/ (siehe biometric finger scanner)

Local MP Keith Vaz will be visiting the city's first biometric finger recognition scanner, installed to help in the fight against underage drinking. This system allows customers to purchase alcohol without having to show proof of age every time.

This system was installed in this store after it was found to have served alcohol to a 15 year old girl during an undercover investigation.

Mr. Vaz visited Bargain Booze, 170 Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE4 6RG to see the system at work and to discuss the benefits with store manager, Mr. Anand Ghandhi, and Rod Harrington of OK ID.

Keith Vaz MP said:

"I am extremely pleased to see a local store taking such responsible action in the fight against underage drinking. It is so important that every retailer selling alcohol takes effective steps to ensure that they are not selling to those who are underage."

"Alcohol can be a huge problem in our society. In fact, 45% of victims of violence have described their attacker as under the influence of alcohol and 70% of police officers believe that attending alcohol-related incidents diverts their attention from tackling other kinds of crime."

"Not only is the biometric system a clever way of identifying the age of customers, but the posters around the store advertise the age limits on alcohol sales."

TRINKPROFILDATENSAMMLUNG ? OK, ja es gibt eine Verschwörung. Habs jetzt auch gemerkt.

Wenn unsere Drogenbeautragte das sieht, geht sie auch zum Biometrieminaten-Treffen in die Katakomben.

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