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Saul, what do you like?

Peter K

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Hi Saul,

we all know that you are one of the top IPSC-Shooters of the world. And we know that you use guns made by Bull for your "business". But: Who is the man "behind the gun"? What I mean is: could you please tell us some more about yourself?

What do you like? For example: What´s your favorite food, movie, music, drink, car, ... Do you like pets, ...?

What makes you kotz.gif ? And what makes you 021.gif ?

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Well Peter,

I will tell you - he's the brief "Saul's history"

I was born in South Africa, and moved with my family to Israel when I was 6. Lived there most my life, until about 2 years ago, when I moved to Eindhoven, to live with my girlfriend Judith smile.gif, who is Dutch. By education I am an Industrial Engineer, educated in the Tel-Aviv university. I work for BUL part time as Marketing manager (Well, now part time. In Israel I worked for them full time for 5 years). I also own and run Double-Alpha Academy, which keeps me rather busy icon14.gif. Oh yes - and I try to practice and compete in IPSC from time to time... cool.gif

I am 32 years old, tall and handsome and love sunsets and slow walks on the beach...... Oh sorry, I'm getting off track.. It is not that kind of forum... wink.gif

Seriously.. I love skiing, shooting (everything that goes bang), enjoy mountain biking although am usually too lazy for that. I love movies and watch many, enjoy reading books too, and am usually in the middle of at least one. I also very much enjoy computer graphics design, and spend a lot of time learning new applications and improving my graphics ability.

As for the shooting: I started when I was 12. First in an Archery club for a few months,. and then to Olympic rifle. I shot Olympic rifle for 10 years, 6 of them on the Israeli Olympic team, and competed for Israel in many international matches. (used to come to Germany 5 times a year for UIT matches). Started IPSC after the army, in 1994, so I guess about 8 years ago. My first international IPSC match was the Europeans in Sweden 1995, where I finished 35th I think, shooting Open 0.45.... We had no 9mm major in Israel, as we can't reload there.

So, what else can I tell you...

I believe strongly in ones right for self defense, I believe one should respect others, their properly, their space, their dignity and right to their happiness. If all would do that - the world would be a better place..

Well - have to off now - work to do.

thanks for your interest

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In Antwort auf:

I love
, shooting (everything that goes bang), enjoy
mountain biking
although am usually too lazy for that.


be honest. The bold things above are the real reasons, that make you move to the netherlands laugh.gifgr1.gifchrisgrinst.gifgrlaugh.gifcool3.gif

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Wolle - you thought I spend ALL day on the range??? shocked.gif

that's a terrible thought.. Hey - shooting is great, but there are other things in life. I tell you: Even if I had enough money not to have to work, and just shoot all day, I would not choose that. IPSC is a fascinating sport, but you need to have other interests as well!!! Keep in mind also that if all you have in your life is shooting - think of how much pressure that puts on you to do well in competition. After all , if you ever fail - that is your WHOLE life.. Not healthy I think!

I believe a good training program should be one that allowed you to get done with your training ASAP, and back to other aspects of your life. I usually do not spend more than 2-2.5 hours on the range training. Not usually more than 4 times per week, in high season. Now - less.

As for the REAL reason I moved to Holland: It's not skiing, mountainbiking or anything shooting related.. Her name in Judith... laugh.gif

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