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Habt ihr´s gewußt?


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Hat einer der WHQ-User im HKPRO-Forum gefunden:

In Antwort auf:

I apologize Tom for posting this here but I believe it deserves HKPRO attention due to my personal relationship with this person.

An avid H&K collector, paintballer and popular musical icon has died from complications from surgery.

Maurice Gibb known by all as one of the Bee Gee brothers died this morning in Miami at Mount Siani Hospitol do to complications from surgery a day ago. Maurice Gibb who I've met many times shooting at Trail Glades Gun Range in Miami has an extensive H&K collection. Maurice also played paintball with his team the Royal Rats of Miami Beach. Maurice Gibb owned Commander Mo's paintball Shop in Miami Beach and will certainly be missed by all in my industry.

I know the topic isn't 110% H&K related but do to his Popular Image and love of H&K firearms he derserves to be recognized on HKPRO as a true H&K firearms enthusiaste.

Maurice Gibb was 53

1949 - 2003


Gruß André

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