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Geschenk nach Neuseeland


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Guten Tag ich hab mal eine Frage, 

Ich habe Für einen Freund als Geschenk eine Co2 Softairwaffe gekauft und will sie ihm nun als Geschenk nach Neuseeland schicken. Nur wollte ich wissen ob es irgendwelche Probleme mit dem Zoll geben könnte? (Ich hab schon im Internet gesucht nur nie etwas zum Thema Softairwaffen in Neuseeland. Ich bedanke mich schon mal im voraus.)

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1. you must be over 18 

2. Go to the Police station, 2nd floor ask the Arms Officer for a "Permit to import Firearms/restricted weapons"

3. Fill it in ( The reason you want it is "To play the sport of Airsoft with NAC an ASNZ incorporated club")

4. Take it back to the Arms Officer (he checks, and sends to Wellington)

5. Wait 4-10 weeks.

6. Get permit in post.

7. Buy gun

8. Send exporter the second copy of the permit (Exporters copy can be done electronically)

9. Wait until it arrives in NZ and Customs send you a letter asking for your permit

10. Send customs your permit (first "Original" paper copy)

11. Wait for Customs to release the gun and for it to be delivered to your door.

12. Unpack it and get someone with some skills and know how to replace the battery connector with a Deans connector.

13. Attach battery, get it chronographed so that you know how fast it is firing. (make any alterations ie change spring etc)

14. Refer to the FPS/BB mass/engagement distances ( sub 350 fps 0m engagement 351>420 fps 10 m minimum ie you cant shoot someone if they are closer than 10 m. Anyone sporting a "Shark badge" in the club will be able to help with this.

15 Attend club days and enjoy.

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