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Hornady A-Max in GB verboten


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Die meisten Leute, die in GB schießen, werde die Mail heute bekommen haben:

You may want to advise GB F Class competitors of this:

Last week the home office classified Hornady A max Bullets as “expanding” and they now require specific permission to possess and are Section 5, if anybody has them please be aware!

I will not comment any further regarding my personal thoughts!

zur Erklärung was Section 5 bedeutet:

‘Section 5’ Prohibited Weapons

‘Section 5’ covers weapons that are prohibited unless special permission is granted by the Home Secretary. This section covers automatic weapons, military weapons and modern handguns. Specialist collectors and dealers are able to gain Section 5 authority but is will not be available to the vast majority of shooters and collectors. http://www.met.police.uk/firearms-enquiries/f_prohb2.htm provides full details of the list and restrictions.

Wer evtl. mehr Infos hat, bitte her damit...

Z.B würde mich interessieren warum ausgrechnet die A-MAX verboten wurden

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Mit Bitte um Veröffentlichung:


Dear Member of Council,

There has been much Email traffic about the alleged re-classification by the

Home Office of Hornaday A Max plastic-tipped bullets as Section

5 prohibited projectiles. This is a target bullet in quite widespread use in

the UK.

Please note that the Home Office has made it clear that no such

re-classification has taken place. This rumour appears to have grown out of

a discussion at a local police liaison meeting earlier this year.

Please reassure any enquirer that the status of Hornaday A Max bullets has

not changed and they are not prohibited.

Many thanks to Mike Eveleigh for clarifying this.

With best wishes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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