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Gun politics

Katja Triebel

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International Gun Politics

Since the school shooting in Winnenden (Germany) in March 2009 I am researching in gun politics and found horrifying results for legal gun owners.

There exists a well sponsored Ani-Gun-Lobby with 500 million members in 800 associations – spread in 120 countries worldwide.

Their umbrella organization is IANSA, which was founded after the shooting 1996 in Great Britain. IANSA, amnesty international and Oxfam started a Control Arms Campaign .

Their ultimate goal is the total ban of handguns.

Situation in Germany

IANSA supported the parents of the murdered children in Winnenden by founding an action association called Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden (AAW). This AAW demands a total ban of big bore handguns and is supported by the political GREEN party and the smallest German Police Labor Union BDK

Situation in Switzerland

The Group for a Switzerland Without an Army and other anti-gun-lobbies failed in their campaign on 13th February 2011 for banning army weapons in private homes: Switzerland rejects tighter gun controls . 57% Swiss people voted against this campaign.57% Swiss people voted against this campaign.

But the debate over gun law’s future will continue, with another referendum in the pipeline aimed at abolishing military service and guns at all.

International Situation

Anti-Gunners work in the preparation committees for the United Nations. They made the rules for the Programme of Action. They are members on all Conferences regarding Small Arms.

We law-abiding citizens who own private guns are their target. They hid this target with demands against the illicit trade.

European Union Situation

Any UN rule against civilian possessions of weapons will find a way to be implemented in EU-guidelines ? and after this in national law. By now we got a third draft to stricken rules for transportation of private guns. This draft is ridiculous. The German Federal Government is against this draft, but the other 26 countries did not decide yet.

Whilst the gun-robbers have lots of money, 5 times more members and professionals who starts campaigns, write books and support tighter gun control, the legal gun owners have nearly nothing: no real lobby, no money, no professionals and no will to act. We only re-act. That’s not enough and it’s always too late.

  • So spread these information’s to all whom it concerns!
  • Found your own gun lobbies within your country!
  • Let’s create an international network!

There is a lot of work to do. Just start!

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I had the pleasure to meet IANSA's Rebecca Peters a couple of years ago...... I don't think you could have a sensible discussion about any topic with her.

Does this means she is not open for discussion regarding real fact against total gun bans?

BTW: She does not have the job anymore.

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Does this means she is not open for discussion regarding real fact against total gun bans?

Only mentioning the word gun turns this slim tiny 5 foot nothing girl into a scary monster. Well, I guess it is or was her job.

Let's stop complaining about the other side and see what we can do on our side.

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Does this means she is not open for discussion regarding real fact against total gun bans?

What did you expect? It´s not like anyone of them is open for a discussion on the topic. They´ve got their agenda and if you don´t fit the bill you´ll never work for them, much less be their representative.

They´re foes of freedom and they want to take guns outta the hands of peacefull, law abiding civilians. They don´t care about illicit trade at all or about guns in the hands of dictators and warlords. They´re not that naive to believe the bullshit they sprout about civilian gun ownership being responsible for the fact that there is such thing as illicit trade. It´s not like Joe Shmoe Average Citizen is selling crates of .50BMG rifles and Full Auto guns to regimes all over the world. Occasionally, i´m sure that some formerly legally owned guns end up in the hands of Bad Guys because they´ve been stolen from their rightfull owners. So what?! It´s not like 5 handguns, a single shot target rifle and a double barrel shotgun that make their way into the hands of oppressive regimes are the main reason or source of their power. These guns end up as a representative gun or hunting gun for some higher up in the regime at best, and not in the hands of soldiers, rebels, insurgents and whatnot.

No one should mistake IANSA some "partner" to work with or discuss anything with for that matter.

Their goal is to disarm law abiding citizens under the cover up story of "fighting illicit trade" :rolleyes:

Look at the UNO: How many Dictators of third world countries sit there? Would they really try to stop the flow of illegal guns into their hands? Nope. They´d like to have the western countries disarm their citizens just in case...

I won´t start about conspiracy theories of an islamic revolution in Europe or whatnot, but it´s not that far fetched to suspect something like that as the reason why Islamic Dictators that have their UNO seat would implement such an agenda.... I´m not some christian european muslim hating crusader or whatnot, i simply can´t think of any other good reason to implement something like that, no matter how hard i try.


If one of the mods feels that this last sentences are too far out there for this here board, please feel free to delete it but please don´t delete my entire post.

Thank You.

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