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IAPS - Konkurrenz oder Partner


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Seit etwa einem Jahr versucht man mit IAPS eine Organisation aufzubauen um Airsoft eine Plattform zu bieten.

Auch hat man sich dort um das Regelbuch gekümmert und es an die Gegebenheiten der Airsoft Waffen angepasst.


The purpose of Airsoft Practical Shooting is to reproduce Practical Shooting challenges with airsoft gas blowback handguns. Rules and targets have been adapted to fit the technical specifications.

This story began in countries in which firearms were prohibited, but some others (even the US) adopted gas blowback technology to train for real handgun practice. Gas blowback is not only interesting for sport but also for police and military training.

IAPS will try to organize Airsoft Practical Shooting, expecting to give rise to International Championship.


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