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Neues Material für Schutzwesten


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Das Material aus dem auch Tupperware ist.


[...]The first vests made from this new material are 5mm thick and can stop a 9mm bullet traveling at 1777 feet per second, which is slightly better than other top of the line vests."

in den Kommentaren dazu findet sich dann auch:

Dragon Skin was recently tested by the Army and found to be deficient in many ways.

Read the whole article. [washingtonpost.com]

Der darauffolgende zweifelt den Test an.

Independent tests [msn.com] do not support the army's conclusions. Since there is already some question about the validity of the army's tests (e.g. the designer of the vest that "won" in the army's test says that dragon skin is actually better, the person who conducted the army tests left to work for a dragon skin competitor, etc.) I don't think just repeating the army's conclusions (or quoting the Washington Compost as doing so) really proves anything.
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