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1. Slide-Glide; 2. cleaning and lubing your gun

Peter K

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Hi Peter,

No, I don't use slide guide, I have never tried it before.. I think I will though, as I am hearing good things about it.. Perhaps it's a good product to Distribute too. I need to test if first though, see if I like it. Some top shooters I know are telling me it is great...

How do I clean my guns? well, I use MPRO-7 to remove the build up, and then a very small amount of oil on the rails and trigger parts. Some on the lugs of the barrels too. But not much. I usually clean my guns every 1500 rounds or so, so about every three practices. About a week before a big match I will take the gun down completely, remove all small parts and do a more thorough cleaning. Not immediately before the, but a couple of practices before.

I find the MPRO-7 to be a GREAT cleaner. If you haven't ever tried it - you should! It is non toxic and has no smell, and it really works to clean away the build up.

For oil I am using something I get from a friend in the USA, the Junior world champion Chris Tilley. I see him a couple of times a year, and always get from him a small bottle. He sells an oil, that I am not sure what it's called - but I find it's excellent. It also comes in the most convenient bottle I have ever used - which has a needle tip to it.

Don't forget to clean your mags too! most gun problems, specially in hi cap 1911 originate from the mags! I clean then often, always in preparation for a match. I try to keep them clean and dry - no oil in them. I sometimes run a silicon rag through them though.

Well - good luck and good shooting,

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Hi Saul,

I´ve heard that meanwhile you sell slide-glide via your online-store. This lubricant is available in two different versions.

Could you please tell us how to use this new lubricant correctly? Which version (normal - lite) is for which kind of gun? Is the feeling shooting a "glide-gun" different from shooting an "oil-gun"???


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