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- Columbus Cup, Guatemala

- SHOT Show, Orlando

- Hall of Champions

Welcome to the latest edition of IPSC Newsletter.

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"Guatemala, Land of Eternal Spring"


A couple of thousand years ago the Mayans in Guatemala

created the calendar, used herbal medicines, discovered

astrology, and advanced mathematics... but today everyone

is only talking about Oscar Hernandez and the outstanding

team that put on the first "ever" Columbus Cup. Here is just

a sample:

"All in all, our trip cost less than we spent when we shot the

Florida Open. Airfare was the most expensive $450 round trip

from San Antonio. We flew through Houston, and from there it

was only a two and a half hour flight. Once you arrive, you can

live on a few dollars a day. Our best meals were only a couple

of dollars.

We arrived at the airport, and as we had been instructed by

email, we walked past all the lines of people waiting for customs,

went to the far right where we saw a sign advertising the Columbus

Cup, and told them we were competitors. After checking our

passports, we were waived through like royalty. No search, no

fuss, no wait. That's pretty much how we were treated throughout

our trip honored, revered guests. It was quite an experience."

-Don Hardy, USA

The concept of the Columbus Cup (3 days, 16 stages, 200+

competitors) began last year when the Regional Directors of

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Ecuador

envisioned a prestigious sight-seeing, fun-in-the-sun annual

shooting event. Columbus Cup regions would be Aruba -

Barbados - Colombia - Costa Rica - Dominican Republic -

Ecuador - El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras - Jamaica -

Mexico - Netherlands Antilles - Nicaragua - Panama -

Puerto Rico - Venezuela and, of course, extra slots would

be made available for international competitors.

Next year, the 2004 Columbus Cup will be held in Costa Rica

and 2005 in Nicaragua.

And speaking of Costa Rica, check out the Tropical Cup

coming this May 31, a classification match with 220+ rounds

and 12 stages. Stop and think. Here's a chance to shoot a

classification match and to visit some of Costa Rica's natural

wonders with tours starting right from your hotel door. The

match has arranged special fun tours of Costa Rica with a

15% discount for Tropical Cup participants. Check it out!

Visit: http://www.tropicalcup.com/tc/index.html


SHOT SHOW, Orlando

"Mickey or Slots?"


The SHOT Show itself seemed a bit blah this year... I'm not

sure whether it was the uncertainties of the pending war or

just that most people preferred the excitement of the "Strip"

over "Mickey Mouse".

At any rate, SHOT tends to kick off the shooting year and

traditionally IPSC schedules a Council meeting in conjunction

and this year it was a big one!

The meetings mostly consisted of the various rules committees

headed up by Rules Committee Chairman, Michael Voigt. The

overall project had been structured into four committees with

the end result to present to the General Assembly a perfectly

integrated set of four rule books: Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, and

Tournament rules. Let me say that it was a pleasure watching

the very talented and dedicated committee members tackle this

formidable task. My hat goes off to these gentlemen:

Coordinating Committee

Chairman: Bob Chittleborough (GBR)

Secretary: Martyn Spence (GBR)

John Amidon (USA)

Dino Evangelinos (CAN)

Handgun Rules Committee

Chairman: Vince Pinto (HKG)

Bruce Gary (USA)

Yvan Vogels (BEL)

Kees Guichelaar (NED)

Johnny Gildenhuys (RSA)

Shotgun Rules Committee

Chairman: Neil Beverley (GBR)

Arnie Christianson (USA)

Myro Lopez (PHI)

Rifle Rules Committee

Chairman: Tim Andersen (DEN)

Troy McManus (USA)

Geir Owe (NOR)


Fritz Gepperth (GER)

Juergen Tegge (GER)

Denise Minor (USA)

Joel Dix (USA)



"Our IPSC History"


You may have already noticed this new feature on the IPSC web site.

Hall of Champions will serve as a historic repository of our national,

continental, and world champions. You can browse champions by

country, year, Division, match level or any combination. We need to

preserve our champions and our history.



"Coming next..."


- European Shotgun Championship

- Pan-American Championship

- Class Medals

- On-line match registration

- and much more

You're in the loop...

Keep the faith,



Copyright 2003 International Practical Shooting

Confederation. All rights reserved.

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