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IPSC Newsletter 29-2002


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- WinMSS

- National Classifications

- IPSC Server

Welcome to the latest edition of IPSC Newsletter.

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Looking out the window at the reflections of

the Christmas decorations only serves as a reminder

that the year is quickly coming to a close and

that a New Shooting Year is fast approaching.

This is now the time of year for family, friends..

and reflection.

Reflecting on 2002, I am pleased to report

that the IPSC activity has again shattered all

previous records. Regions have reported

memberships up pretty much across the board

and Level III matches have jumped a whopping 40%!

World Shoot XIII in South Africa was an outstanding

success and shooters are already preparing for

next year's European Shotgun Championship in Italy

and the Pan-American Championship in Ecuador.

I am also pleased to report that this year has

seen a noticeable increase in the number of rifle

and shotgun matches around the world. I'd also like

to let everyone know that the structure for future

3-Gun Tournaments is well underway.


"Download The Latest Version"


Version 2 is available on the IPSC web site.

Understandably, WinMSS had the usual growing

pains but thanks to the constructive feedback

from our members the scoring program continues

to gain in popularity as users become more

comfortable with its many features:

1. Automatically sends Level III results (via

the Internet) for posting on the IPSC Results

page. This means that Stats Officers no longer

have to re-type all the top positions in Level

III matches for all the Divisions and Categories.

WinMSS does it all automatically.

2. More user friendly and flexible. Different

report styles have been an issue. They have

now all been refined.

3. Match data can be backed-up (Exported) onto

a floppy disk and retrieved (Imported) with

little effort.

4. Multiple computers can be used to score a

match by dedicating a single computer per

Division. For example, a three Division match

can have three computers and operators each

working independently of the other. Actual

networking is coming soon.

5. An extensive Help file is available and

WinMSS email support is available 24/7.

6. Immediate classification updates are

available via the Internet. Stats Officers

are able to download in seconds all the

current classification data for competitors

(with aliases) automatically!

7. ICS Coordinator Jason Evangelinos is sending

out a periodic ICS information newsletter to all

ICS members with email addresses.

And it gets better! There are several more

developments in the planning stages that will

be announced as soon as they are further






"The Impossible Has Become a Reality"


National Classifications are available

for any participating Region. Every Region

can now have their very own hassle-free

National Classification System... no fuss,

no muss.







For years we have been frustrated with web

hosting companies. It seemed like every time

we wanted to do something more than displaying

text or images, the web hosting company

would (or could) not allow us the access

we needed to do the things we wanted.

Now this has changed. IPSC has its own server,

administered by Ian Fachie (webmaster

extraordinaire), and this opens up a whole new

range of possibilities

I would like to take this opportunity to

wish everyone the very best Season's Greetings

and may the New Year be filled with health,

joy, new beginnings, and a great new shooting




"Coming up soon..."


- IPSC Hall of Fame

- Columbus Cup News

- European Shotgun Championship

- Pan-American Championship

- and much more

You're in the loop...

Keep the faith,



Copyright 2002 International Practical Shooting

Confederation. All rights reserved.

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