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Long Range Shooting Days 2009

Hauck Kai

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Long Range Shooting Days 2009


Long Range Shooting Days

Competition Rules

This Competition has been mainly conceived to promote the safe participation in a shooting match, to

exchange personal experiences, information and essentially to have fun!

The Competition is open to all international shooters and is based upon two independent shooting

matches: one on the distance of 500 meters and one on the distance of 900 meters.

Each match includes four firearm divisions and each competitor can decide whether to

compete in one or more of the four divisions, each with separate ranking.

The Competition also features collateral events and demonstrations aimed to promote the

sport of Long Range shooting.


08-09-10, May 2009


Santa Severa Military Range (Comune of Santa Marinella – Rome, Italy); the range is

situated along the State Route SS1 “Aurelia” at km 51

Firing Strings

Friday 08

09.00-13.00 single strings of 30 minutes reserved to tests and zeroing

Saturday 08 and Sunday 10

08.30-09.00 AM

09.15-09.45 AM

10.00-10.30 AM

10.45-11.15 AM

11.30-12.00 AM

12.15-12.45 AM

01.00-01.30 PM Lunch Break

01.30-02.00 PM

02.45-03.15 PM

03.30-04.00 PM

04.15-04.45 PM

Important Notes

During both Competition Days (Saturday and Sunday), and according to competitor’s

registrations received, there will be 15 shooting lines reserved to the 500 meter distance

Competition and 5 shooting lines reserved to the 900 meter distance Competition. Every

Competitor will be able to compete in both the 500 and 900 m Competitions in the same

day. Depending on the number of registrations received, precedence to the first two Firing

strings of each day (08.30-09.00 AM and 09.15-09.45 AM) will be given to competitors that

shoot in Division 1 - Muzzle Loading Firearms.

Given the relative complexity of the management of the range, the assignment of the Firing

Strings will be randomly chosen from the list of registered competitors. The Firing String

turn assignment information for each shooter will be available calling the Organization

Contacts listed below.

Long Range Shooting Days 2009


In case a competitor does not show up at the firing line or at the mandatory Firearm Check,

his Firing String will be postponed to the next turn. The organization reserves the right to

change the Firing String order during the competition.


It is mandatory to pre-register to the Competition, through direct telephone booking, and

paying the required Entry fee, before 30 April 2009. If positions are still available, pre

registration will also be accepted at EXA trade Show, at Editoriale Olimpia’s booth (further

information is available calling +39 06 8546817).

The match is open to every shooter holding a valid Firearms license.

The Entry fee is 40.00 Euro for each Match (500 or 900 m), and registrant must choose one

Division to compete in. Therefore, registering for both Matches will cost 80.00 Euro. In each

Match it is possible to compete in more than one Division, each additional Division will have

an Entry fee of 30.00 Euro. It is also possible to have a single “second chance”, an

additional firing string in the same match and Division, paying a fee of 20.00 Euro.

Regular Firing strings will have the precedence on the “second chance” strings.

A special Entry fee of 30.00 is reserved to active-duty Military or Law Enforcement

personnel for each Match (proof of active duty will be requested).

Once registration process is completed, fee will NOT be returned if the competitor can not

attend the Match or does not fulfill all requirements.

Important Notes

The Competition takes place inside a military area and access to the range will be granted

only to previously authorized personnel: this means that each Competitor must indicate, in

the Registration form, the names of eventual Family members and/or Friends which will

attend the Competition with him. The list of Competitors and accompanying people must be

submitted to the Military authorities before the Competition thus early registration is

essential. No walk-ins will be accepted; even by-standers and shooters interested in the

side match only, must pre register.

Match distances and Targets

500 m: 1 black round target (diameter 90 cm) divided in 3 concentric areas, on white

background (square sheet, side 95 cm).

900 m: 1 black round target (diameter 112 cm) divided in 3 concentric areas, on white

background (square sheet, side 120 cm). On request, and only for shooters competing in

the OPEN Class, the target may by completely white with pale blue bull’s-eye.

At the end of each firing string, the targets will be changed. Check of each competitor’s

score will be done - at the shooter’s presence, if so desired - in a specific area behind the

shooting line. During strings, no scoring report will be provided, it is responsibility of each

competitor (or his assistant/observer) to check the target and observing the placement of

each shot.


There are two matches, one for each distance. For each match, these divisions are

available, and each division has separate score.

1 - Muzzle Loading Firearms. Both Original and replica firearms are allowed; Black

Powder loading only is allowed. Firearms must be equipped with iron sights of any type as

long as historically correct. Telescope sights are not allowed.

Long Range Shooting Days 2009


2 - Historical breech loading Firearms. Both Original and replica firearms are allowed.

Firearms must be equipped with iron sights of any type as long as historically correct.

Telescope sights are not allowed.

3 - Surplus military rifles. Any Ex Ordnance Military rifle, up to 1950. Iron sights only are

allowed and must also be historically correct. Telescope sights are not allowed.

4 – Open. Open Division consists of two separate categories:

Production. Any type of Bolt Action or Semiautomatic rifle is allowed, with iron or

optical sights, as long as it is an Industrial serial manufactured firearm and

chambered in standard, non Bench Rest specific or wildcat caliber.

Custom. Custom built or limited, high precision factory built and tuned bolt action

or semiautomatic rifles, chambered in calibers specific for long range and BR.

The Organization reserves the rights to assemble a list of firearms and calibers to be

considered falling into “Custom” category, and to inspect all weapons before the matches.

If a weapon is found to be improperly classified, it will be moved to the appropriate division

and category.

Important Notes

Military and Law Enforcement officers, officially competing on behalf of their Military

Unit/Department with their issued weapons, will be placed in a separate final score ranking

and prize award.

Time limits per firing string

Muzzle loaders: 30 minutes

Breech loaders: 20 minutes

A pause of 15 minutes between each firing string allows competitors to exchange on the

firing line. Each competitor MUST be ready and in close proximity of the firing lane at least

10 minutes before his turn comes.

In case the whole firing string is halted by a Range Officer, time will also be interrupted and

will be resumed once the RO allows again shooting. All scheduled firing strings will be

delayed by the time of the interruption.

Firing string shots

A firing string consists of 13 rounds fired to the target. Only the best 10 shots fired count

for scoring. Competitors are not allowed to shoot extra shots; per every extra shot fired, a

best shot will be discarded on the competitor’s score.

The ammunition box, containing only the 13 rounds used in that firing string must be

clearly visible at all times during the match.


Scoring is calculated adding the points of each hit on the target. In case of a tie, group

diameter measure (center to center of the 2 most distant holes) will be considered.

General rules

The prescribed position for this match is the prone position. Firing with the rifle supported

on front and rear rests is permitted, but the rest must not mechanically block the front

portion of the rifle (an integral bipod is allowed).

Shooters with physical handicaps, if unable to shoot from the prescribed prone position,

may be allowed to shoot from a bench.

Long Range Shooting Days 2009


It is allowed to have an assistant/observer during firing strings on the firing line; assistance

must be supplied by a single person and from the rear of the firing line, in a most discreet

manner and respectful of other competitors.

Behavior of competitors and audience must be absolutely impeccable, inspired by the

principles of friendship and fairness that should unite all shooting sports enthusiasts.

Every dispute will be quickly and impartially resolved by Range and Organization Officers.

Firearms and ammunition

Only firearms compatible with the provisions set forth by the four divisions are allowed in

this competition. Firearms must be in good condition and safe to use; they must also

comply with Italian Firearms Law. It is the Competitor’s responsibility to comply with these

prerequisites and the Law.

Use of hand reloaded ammunition is allowed, but the competitor is responsible of any

damage to people or property caused by their use. In no case it is allowed to share with

other competitors reloaded ammunition or to use reloaded ammunition on possibly

available firearms for loan.

Division 2 - Historical breech loading Firearms may use modern smokeless propellants

ONLY if they have been proofed by the Banco Nazionale di Prova or equivalent C.I.P. Proof.


Rests are not supplied by the organization. Firing with the rifle supported on a front and

rear rest is permitted, but it must not mechanically block any portion of the rifle (an

integral bipod is allowed).

Use of shooting coat, gloves or slings IS allowed. The use of offensive or objectionable

garments is not allowed. Military or Tactical garments are reserved only to active duty

Military or Law Enforcement Officials.


Before the match, all firearms, ammunition and gear will be checked by Range Officers to

control the necessary safety conditions and to verify conformity to the requested Division.

The Judgment of Range Officer is unappealable. During the match, additional inspections

may be carried out.


Individual eye and hearing protections are mandatory for competitors and all audience

attending the match.

Handling of firearms is not allowed, except on the firing line and in specially designated

safety areas for the necessary operations of preparation / control / repair. Inside the safety

areas firearms MUST be handled unloaded and with an open action, and NO ammo will be

allowed in the safety area.

In case special action must be taken for particular firearms, the Match Director must be

contacted prior any firearm handling. In every case, except on firing line and in safety

areas, firearms must be locked in their own cases.

Range Officers and Match Director can disqualify any competitor from the match should any

violation of the fundamental safety rules is reported or noted.

Waiver of Liability

All the competitors to the match and the audience, simply with their physical presence on

the range or registration to the match, absolutely and unequivocally agree to release

Long Range Shooting Days 2009


and hold harmless the organization and the Direction of the match, its agents,

employees, instructors, assigns from any & all claims, demand or liability, arising out of any

injury loss or disability connected with the attendance or shooting activities at the Match.


Claims must be submitted in writing within and not over 30 minutes from the end of the

firing string and a fee of 50.00 Euro will be requested; if the claim is accepted, the fee will

be refunded.


Final ranking of all competitors will be defined on the basis of scoring achieved by each

competitor on every division and Match. The first three competitors ranked in each division

and match will win an award. A similar award, with a separated ranking, is featured for

those competitor that have participated in both matches (500 and 900 meters) in the same


Special prizes offered by firearms and related accessories brands will be made available

“extra ranking” among all the competitors (considering progressive registrations to the

single matches / divisions, including the “second chance”).

Military and Law Enforcement officers, officially competing on behalf of their Military

Unit/Department with their issued weapons, will be placed in a separate final score ranking

and prize award.

Side Match

During the 500 and 900 m official matches, the Five at 200 “TROFEO PEDERSOLI” side

match will be held.

The Five at 200 “TROFEO PEDERSOLI” side match is independent from the Long Range

Competition; anyone present at the shooting range may enter, even if they are not official

competitors in the Long Range.

The registration fee is 5,00 Euro. Every shooter may register a free amounts of sessions, in

any division, with the only limit of available time, and number of shooters in line.

The divisions are the same as the official match:

Division 1 - Muzzle Loading Firearms;

Division 2 - Historical breech loading Firearms;

Division 3 - Surplus military rifles;

Division 4 - Open

Open Division consists of two separate categories:

- Production;

- Custom.

The Competition consists in shooting 5 rounds at a target placed at a distance of 200 meters in a

maximum of 5 minutes (10 minutes for Muzzle Loading Firearms), and obtaining the smallest group.

The group will be evaluated for size, no scoring will be made.

Any shooting position may be used: kneeled, standing, prone, from the bench, off-hand… only limit is

that the rifle may only rest from a front support (sand bag, Bipod, rest), and the rear must be free.

It is possible to choose the target from a selection that will be available at the firing line.

The targets with the smallest groups for each Division will be examined the last day of the

Competition, Sunday Afternoon, and a special panel comprising members of the organizing committee

and representatives of the shooters will choose the best groups and award the winners.

The first three competitors ranked in each division will win a plaque, offered by Davide

Pedersoli & C. Each competitor reaching First Place, will win a Ham.

Long Range Shooting Days 2009



During the Competition, special events, showcases, and technical meetings will be

organized in collaboration with the main Firearms firms and experts form Diana Amri

magazine. These events are open to all – competitors and registered audience – to learn

and share experiences, knowledge and information.

A small side match based on 5 rounds shot on the short distance of 200 meters (Five at

200) may be available on the range.

To pre-register or for further information:

telephone: +39 06 8546817

e-mail: segreteria-dianaarmi@edolimpia.it

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