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Horst Wittmann

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Bezüglich der Diskussion um AdamT.'s Waffe - das folgende Statement von Vince Pinto

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Hi folks,

In an effort to prevent this forum deteriorating to the "La-La Land" level of other forums, where people without a clue are making wild guesses and accusations, let me state the relevant facts:

1. The gun Adam Tyc used at WSXIV was a CZ85 Combat, and the shiny portion of the gun on the right-hand side of the frame, specifically the area from under the trigger guard to the grip, was the issue. Hence the image above of the left-hand side of Adam's CZ75 SP01 from another match is useless.

2. The original "expression of concern" about the gun was made directly to me by a senior member of the IPSC USA delegation on Monday (Day 1 of the match), who said he suspected that the gun had been illegally modified, probably through the use of a dremel tool. I immediately accompanied that person to the range so that we both could discreetly examine the subject gun from a distance, in order not to disturb the competitor. After we both noticed a shiny portion on the right-hand side of his gun, I immediately contacted the Range Master and asked him to investigate.

3. An Area CRO (an experienced gunsmith) was immediately ordered to take Adam to a nearby Safety Area so that the gun could be closely examined. The Area CRO reported to me and the Range Master that, in his opinion, the gun had not been illegally modified, and I in turn reported these findings back to the person who brought this matter to my attention. As far as I was concerned, we acted promptly and we had conducted due diligence, so the matter was closed.

4. However on each subsequent day of the match (i.e. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday), the same member of the IPSC USA delegation raised the same issue with me (i.e. 5 more times!), and each time I advised him that the only recourse available now was to file an official protest.

5. A formal protest was finally submitted to the Range Master by a (Standard Division !!!) competitor at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. The Arbitration Committee, which was comprised of IPSC President Nick Alexakos as Chairman, with IPSC Australia Regional Director Des Lilley, IPSC Ecuador Regional Director Victor Ferrero and myself as members, was convened at 5:00 p.m. at the range.

6. After interviewing the complainant, we asked Adam Tyc to appear before us with his gun, which we examined very closely. While it was obvious that the right-hand side of the frame had a minor portion which was shiny, we concluded that this was due to wear & tear but, most importantly, the gun had not been illegally modified.

7. Although we recogised that he had a vested interest in the gun, we then asked a representative of the CZ Factory to examine the gun, and he confirmed that the gun had not been illegally modified.

8. We then advised the complainant that her appeal was denied, and she graciously thanked us for our efforts. I might also add that at no time did the complainant ask to personally examine the subject gun, which was sitting on a shelf in the Arbitration Room, so I must presume she was satisfied that we had conducted our investigation properly.

End of story.



Vince Pinto,

IPSC Secretary

Bleibt abzuwarten, was die Generalversammling uns in PD beschert hat.

Mit DVC - Horst

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