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Sig Sauer X five

Ronald Aalders

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Hi guys,

I'm really happy to learn there is an english forum on this huge site too. I can understand and read german but talking and especially writing german would just serve to embaras me and the the native speakers in Germany.

I do have a question about the new Sig Sauer X five. I'm looking to buy a new gun. Sofar I narrowed the search down to the STI executive .40 or the X five in .40

I'ld like to learn more about what guys in Germany do and do not like about the X five, help me make up my mind so to speak.

Has this topic already been discussed on these boards? Where?

If not what do you guys think of the X five?



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Hi Ronald!

I´m sure the Sauer X five is a perfect build gun.

But think of the mag capacity!

The X five in .40 s&w only holds 14 + 1 rounds. icon13.gif My STI Edge holds 18 + 1. icon14.gif

So for me, there is no question wich gun to buy for IPSC .... grin.gif

Dears, Bernd

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