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  1. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/articl...ili-arms-dealer

    Federal hearing may offer details on raid at Chili arms dealer

    A federal court hearing today may provide details about an ongoing investigation into whether illegal AK-47 magazines were imported into the United States for purchase by a Chili-based firearms dealer.

    A detention hearing for Karl Kleber, a European man accused of selling the magazine drums, is scheduled for 11 a.m. before a federal magistrate judge. Meanwhile, Gary Hyde, a British man accused of the same crimes, is jailed in Nevada and may come to Rochester soon — either still detained or free with court-ordered restrictions — to face charges.

    Chili-based companies owned by Anthony DiChario purchased more than 5,700 of the magazine drums, according to federal authorities and DiChario. Federal authorities allege the weapons parts were Chinese-made, making them illegal for import into the U.S.

    Kleber, Hyde and another British man, Paul Restorick, conspired to fabricate markings on the drums to make it appear they were manufactured in Bulgaria, according to allegations in an affidavit from Homeland Security Investigations investigator Mark Haggerty.

    There were no public records Thursday of federal criminal charges now pending against Restorick. However, criminal records sometimes can be sealed until an arrest.

    On Jan. 20, federal agents arrested Hyde in Las Vegas. Hyde was there to attend the SHOT Show, a gala extravaganza for firearms distributors, hunters and gun enthusiasts.

    Among the attendees at the show was DiChario, the owner of the Chili-based firearms distributor AmChar Wholesale Inc., and another company, American Tactical Imports, Inc., or ATI.

    While DiChario was at the SHOT Show Friday evening, federal agents from Homeland Security Investigations raided the AmChar and ATI offices and warehouses in Chili, seizing computers.

    Federal court papers show that authorities are investigating the local companies, AmChar and ATI, for possible complicity in the alleged importation of illegal magazine drums.

    DiChario has maintained that his companies did nothing wrong, and that he was convinced the magazines were Bulgarian-made, and could be legally imported.

    Anklageschrift: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/assets...A2169547127.PDF

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